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History of e-cigarettes

History and evolution of e-cigarettes ? The contemporary e-cigarette was developed and initially manufactured in 2003 in China, yet did that mark the start of the history of e-cigarettes? Not quite so. The first recorded recommendations to...

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Who invented vaping, The history of e-cigarettes you didn't know!

history of e-cigarettes In 1963, the first electronic cigarette patent was filed by a man named Herbert A. Gilbert . He was the first to invent the smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. The U.S. patent number is 3,200,819 and it was issued on Au...

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What Is a Vape Pod System?

What Is a Vape Pod System? The easiest way to describe a vape pod is as a system somewhere between an electronic cigarette and a mod. Most vapers begin with a vape pen, which is inexpensive, discreet, and portable. Unfortunately, vape pens...

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A Long-Term Study Suggests That Vape Is Safer Than Cigarettes

While the United States was discussing a proposed law to ban e-cigarettes, the United States conducted a study to examine the use of e-cigarettes and cigarettes and their exposure to toxic substances. In us, 264 adults who smoked daily were...

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New product of vapeants, the e20 pod system . 950mah longer battery life offers a smaller size and a more comfortable grip. fast type-c charger at our most affordable price. Heater core the heater core is anti-oxidation and corrosion-resist...

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Studies have shown that e-cigarettes are safer for the immune system than cigarettes

Smoking alters the genes of mice involved in metabolic and stress responses, which alters their immune response and makes them more susceptible to lung infections. The scientists found that e-cigarette vapors do not turn on the bacterias ge...

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Traveling from Hong Kong Airport to Dongguan BEC VAPE factory

Go to the Dongguan BECVAPE The Quickest and Most Convenient Way to Get to Dongguan is by Ferry from Hong Kong. if You Want to Get to Hong Kong Airports International Terminal, You Can Take a Ferry Directly from the Terminal to Dongguan, So...

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how much nicotine is in a cigarette compared to vape ?

Nicotine Levels in Smok Nicotine is an addictive stimulant thats found in cigarettes, cigars, and most vaping products. Different products have different levels of nicotine. The average amount of nicotine in a single cigarette is around 10...

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