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Australian government has delayed a ban on the import of e-cigarettes after protests

A ban on the import of nicotine, which was due to take effect on 1 July, was abruptly withdrawn by the Australian Department of Health in Greg Hunt and postponed until 1 January 2021. The ban, announced on June 20, will extend the ban on im...

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The risk of cancer among e-smokers is less than 0.5% of that among traditional smokers, according to

According to a report by Public Health England (PHE) published on gov.uk, e-smokers risk of cancer has been significantly reduced by reducing quite 70 known carcinogens in traditional cigarettes - with the potential risk being but 0.5% of t...

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ZUMIX Pod Kit by Univapo / I love the color options

Oh my goodness its another pod kit, todays show-and-tell for adults is all, about the zumix, this thing comes to me from Univapo, I really like the colors of this one I, think theyre calling it purple-blue. let me show you the other colors...

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Smallest Refillable Pod System E8 by VapeAnts

Today we are gonna check out, a super-duper, tiny little refillable pod system this, thing is called the e8 its designed and, manufactured by a company called vapeants. Lets go ahead and dive into it, this is what your packaging is going to...

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About UNIVAPO Technology Co., Ltd

UNIVAPO Technology Co., Ltd is a technology integration company which specializes in electronic cigarette research, production, development, sales, and service. Since our establishment, we focus on numeral products to develop electronic cigaret...

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