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ZUMIX Pod Kit by Univapo / I love the color options

  Oh my goodness it's another pod kit, today's show-and-tell for adults is all, about the zumix, this thing comes to me from Univapo, I really like the colors of this one I, think they're calling it purple-blue.

ZUMIX Pod Kit by Univapo / I love the color options

  let me show you the other colors here is, silver, as you can see on the side, is the USB port inside is a 430 milliamp-hour, rechargeable battery red just isn't my, thing but if you like red it does come, in red this one is called green and blue.

  so the battery inside of these things, takes roughly just under an hour to, fully recharge will it last you most of, the day I don't know will it when you, can't decide on a specific color you, could always go with rainbow what you, don't like colors maybe you just want, the world to be black and white and, flavorless well then there's always, black and there's nothing wrong with, black it's a nice classy color it goes, with everything black and unboxing it's, a tedious complicated process because sometimes I have to set the Box, down it may look cool but Khan number.

  one I prefer booklets this is not a booklet it's not the most convenient, manual but again this is a pod kit, inside of the box there is one pod one, one singular pod that last year roughly, about a week this thing can hold 1.5, milliliters of illiquid and right here, is the fill hole this red stopper dealio, lifts up like so which gives you access.

  to the hole, the hole may not be large, but it is big enough for guerrilla-style, bottles it leaves a little bit of excess, for error when filling these types of, holes it's good that there's a little, a bit of extra space because you don't, want to seal off the hole completely, doing so would make it really hard to, fill the cartridge second unboxing in, progress, additional cartridges come packaged like.

  this in boxes of three old habits die, hard so for today's e-liquid I have, chosen tea time I don't use nicotine and, this stuff is zero nicotine there's, absolutely nothing in here besides, vegetable glycerin propylene glycol and, some flavorings to fill the pod I leave, it on its side like this then I take my, model and after insertion, I lightly, squeeze, with a freshly filled cartridge do give, it a ruff-ruff roughly five, minutes for the cotton to saturate also, inside of this box there is a lanyard, I'm not much of a lanyard girl but I, have used them in the past especially.

  when I've gone to vape conventions, once you lanyard up your vape go ahead, remove the little rubber band and try, not to choke yourself ooh, the vineyard also inside of the box but now, on the floor because it dropped her a dinky black USB cable, it's draw activated or you can push the button to vape one two three four five.

  clicks turn the device off one-two, three four five clicks turn it back on, the first light is the strength there's, three different ones the second light is, a battery life indicator one two three clicks change the power right now with, Sun blue that is the lowest setting one, two-three clicks change it to green.

  that's medium one two three clicks red, that's the highest one nope they don't, give you specifics it just says low, power medium power and high power the, the second light is the battery life, indicator life so if you see green it's, a full power blue medium power and red, low power at red you should probably, recharge it the pole or draw on here.

  it's a little bit more on the restrictive side it's more restrictive than it is airy but it's not as, restrictive as that try thing that I, tried yesterday I think it would have, been nice if they had some sort of, airflow control especially when there's, different power options I like to have, the option to adjust my airflow the, drip tip our mouthpiece on here it's not, a standard size but at least you can, remove it for cleaning so there it is.