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Who invented vaping, The history of e-cigarettes you didn't know!

history of e-cigarettes

In 1963, the first electronic cigarette patent was filed by a man named Herbert A. Gilbert. He was the first to invent the smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. The U.S. patent number is 3,200,819 and it was issued on Aug. 17, 1965. In this interview with Mr. Gilbert he says “I’m a logical guy and logic told me to define the problem and then develop a solution”... “...I had to find a way to replace burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air.” After looking at Herbert’s patent you’ll find familiar design concepts like heating elements, smokeless flavored air, and flavored cartridges that you would see advertised in today’s ever growing popular e-cig commercials. Sadly his pitch to cigarette manufacturers was rejected as sales at the time were rising and people weren’t aware of the health risks as they are today.

This had kept his exciting new idea ignored and archived away for decades until 2003 when Hon Lik stepped in. Hon Lik was a small time pharmacist and medical researcher from China and a hopeless cigarette addict who’s despise for possibly facing the fate his father had who had died from lung cancer. Story has it that he had fell asleep one night without taking his nicotine patch off and vividly had a dream where he drowning at sea when suddenly the water had turned into vapor allowing him to breathe easily. This ignited his inspiration to make and electronic cigarette that consisted of a battery, an ultra sonic atomizer, nicotine cartridge compiled into a plastic cartridge. Within this device the user could deliver themselves a vaporized form of nicotine liquid solution with the air activating the atomizer. Cancer causing Tar and other substances found in regular cigarettes were eliminated from the user or anyone in their vicinity with second hand smoke eliminated as well. Hon Lik patented the e-cigarette and e-liquid in the same year and introduced his product to the United States and Europe in 2006.

how do vapor pens work

First of all, in the e-cigarette, the liquid smoke needs to be transferred to the atomization chamber, and then the air switch is switched on through the smoking action. Then, the smart chip, driven by the current of the lithium battery, controls the heating wire in the atomization chamber to generate high temperature and further atomize the smoke liquid, thus forming the vapor fog of simulated smoke. This is how e-cigarettes work, so that smoke can be mimicked as normal smoke.

The temperature of e-cigarettes (50-60 degrees Celsius) makes them smoke just like regular cigarettes, so that smokers can realize the pleasure of smoking and satisfy their original smoking habits.

Smokers can simulate real smoking and swallowing with the help of e-cigarettes. While feeling the same pleasure as traditional cigarettes, they can also slowly reduce their smoking addiction, replace cigarettes with health, meet the physiological and psychological needs of quitting smoking and smokers, and gradually get rid of their dependence on cigarettes.

"Electronic cigarette" is a kind of burning cigarette alternative products, the low concentration of nicotine from the vibration of the high frequency sound waves field solution critical atomized into droplets of diameter is about 0.5 1.5 um, simulation of smoke also simulated flue gas temperature (50 to 60 degrees Celsius), it is similar to regular cigarettes, refreshing and meet smokers' pleasure and mental habit for many years, and has realized the real human health, smoking in the simulation of smoke contains no carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, acrolein, arsenic, lead, mercury and other harmful substances, almost no harm "secondhand smoke".

How Did Vaping Become Popular?

While talking about the history of vape, a question of what made so many people turn to vape? Well, to find the answer, you need to go back to history again. Nicotine has always been the most favorite drug of the people, and they follow different techniques to consume it. There are various ways to consume nicotine like chewing, smoking, applying on the skin; people even injected it in their body despite the horrific consequences.


The primary source of nicotine is tobacco, and this is the reason people kept on finding innovative ways to consume tobacco with other substances. So, this is how marijuana came into the picture to accompany tobacco and enhance the smoking experience.

The Future Of Vaping

Vaping has a long history. Thanks to ancient practices we have the present vape gadgets we can find everywhere. They range from the local gas station to a prestige website.

There are many variations of vaping, and we can even claim that vaping brings people together. You can use it with friends on a night out or chat about it with ex-smokers on online forums.

Additionally, the different flavors on the market make vaping enjoyable. Also, rechargeable and refillable kits can save a lot of money in the long-term.

On the other side, many studies reveal some negative side effects of vaping. They include dry mouth, dizziness and the accumulation of some toxic ingredients that can cause cancer.

Also, the popularity of vaping raises the question if all this advertising doesn’t push minors into vaping and smoking. On the other side, aren’t songs and trends that promote promiscuity and aggression much worse than a harmless vape?

Incidentally, many countries have already put some strict restrictions on vaping. Despite that, there’s still a long future ahead of vaping.

Always familiarize yourself with the products you choose and be aware of the areas where you can vape. Vape in moderation and taste history!